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Why do I need to use Feedback Sign?

Feedback Sign is an excellent tool for improving the customer experience in your business!
Customers do not return to you and you do not know what causes this? Customers do not recommend you to their friends and you have to "work hard" to bring new customers?
In any business there are two key factors that determine the number of its clients:
  • Satisfaction factors - these must be stressed and strengthened, because they are what causes clients to return to you over and over again.
  • Dissatisfaction factors - these must be neutralized, because they make you lose the clients and their friends.

One thing in the business which bothers the customer is enough for him to never return to you again. Most customers keep silent when they feel dissatisfaction with the service or product they received, and decide to stay away from the business and do not recommend it to friends (at best). In contrast, when a customer encounters what is for him an unusually favorable aspect, he will tell his friends about it and become a loyal client and a word of mouth marketing man, who is indispensable.

Start listening to your clients!
Feedback Sign allows your clients to use their smartphones to send feedback, suggestions, and questions to you in real time in one simple step, scanning the sign, and enables you to respond immediately.
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What is Feedback Sign?
Feedback Sign is a tool that allows clients to send messages to your business, like a digital feedback box. Business owners and managers can respond to clients' messages from their personal email or mobile phones. And best of all, Feedback Sign is easy to use and free!
The client scans the QR-code of your business with his smartphone, and within 30 seconds gives you feedback on the positive and negative aspects he encountered while getting the service.
The client can also offer you proposals for efficiency and provide a variety of ideas to improve the business.
Using the information received from your clients, you can improve your service levels and quality, increase the number of satisfied customers, neutralize the negative factors that make clients leave and strengthen the positive factors to increase the amount of business clients.
The information the client gives you is mailed immediately to your personal email address, and stored on a special site which you can access through a username and a password that we provide you with. You can publish reviews you get to be seen by all on your business website.
It's time to hear what your clients have to say!

How it works?

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Print your personal ad-sign
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Place ad-signs in sight for your clients.
Start get feedbacks from your Clients  
Start get feedbacks from your Clients
get messages from your clients to your email & personal messages system.

All communication is secured by the most advanced technologies.

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