A smart, simple, real-time customer feedback solution

Observe your business through your customers eyes

Protect your business from negative online reviews
Generate ads on social networks, automatically
A single policy for handling customers’ complaints
Know what’s going on when you’re not around

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Feedback Sign collects customer's feedback's in real time. Positive feedback's are turned to ads on social networks. Negative feedback's are submitted directly to you, protecting you from online negative reviews. Auto-replies are provided according to your definitions, enabling you to implement a single policy across all your locations.
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For small businesses

  • Generate buzz automatically
  • Improve customer’s experience
  • Be customer-oriented using limited resources
  • more ...

For Chains

  • Ensure the same quality of service across all your locations
  • Supervise and analyze the performance of the entire chain
  • Pinpoint problems in real time
  • more ...

For delivery services

  • Monitor delivery services and delivered goods
  • Control your service all the way to the customer
  • Supervise professionals sent on your behalf
  • more ...
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